The surge of the Solar Eclipse

For many the Solar Eclipse meant traveling to set up camp, wait, and watch a once in a lifetime opportunity, one I wish I had had the privilege of seeing. For me it was something far more grand. I sat up late the eve of the eclipse fully charged with energy, creativity pulsing through my veins. I didn't want to sleep and instead I found my self on Pinterest. I had bought a blank canvas a few days prior and was waiting to figure out what I was going to paint. I kept feeling a nudge to scour the internet for crystals, and so I did. I ended up purchasing a ton of pieces which are now available on my etsy page-AquariAir (etsy wouldn't let me change my business name... Lame I know!) I found my self being piloted to godaddy to purchase this domain name. I could feel something big was coming but I wasn't entirely sure what.

The next morning I woke with a complete image of my first crystal energy art piece. I knew what her finished look would be and how I would accomplish it. I had dreamt the entire process that night. I knew then that I couldn't give credit to just myself but rather a divine intervention was at work.  I painted into the late evening/early morning and had never felt so much energy and love effortlessly pour from me into my art. It was more than just painting. I come from an entire family of artists and with that comes the pressure of putting in your "dues" or knowing that others studied it in college. I had always felt my art was not measurable or worth talking about. But this...This I had to share with the world! This was my heart plastered on a canvas and it doesn't matter who likes it or doesn't. It wasn't made to be liked by just anybody but by the right soul.

The following morning I hesitantly opened my studio door wondering if I'd secretly hate what I painted but when I looked in I saw a fine art piece starring me back. My breath left my body and I stood in complete awe of the magnificent of the energy of Quartz of My Heart. --Tasha

Quartz of My Heart