Local Las Vegas, Nevada Artist- Tasha Boyd



Welcome to my gallery of Crystal Dreamers.  My heart radiates with the love affair I have with earth's precious stones. 

I grew up outside Yosemite National Park and have always connected with the elements of earth. I find myself growing and evolving as a result of my connection with the divine energy of Gaia. 

My art pieces are one of a kind and I have yet to see anything like it. I'd like to take full credit for the idea but I feel they were a gift from the universe.  I had dreamt of Quartz of My Heart (my first piece) on the eve of the solar eclipse 2017. I stayed up wide awake in the early morning hours, to charged to sleep. I found myself searching the internet for crystals.

Each of my art pieces have a unique energy about them and tell a different story for each person. The art is not about me or even my process behind it but rather how it comes to shape you. I have created each of these pieces with Intentions.Affirmations.Manifestations, (I.A.M) what I speak...

These Energy Art pieces will bring your space positive, loving energy and instill magic & abundance into your life--- Tasha